Back To The Books

The new school year at Foremost School is underway. This year I have no doubt that our students as always, will throw themselves fully into their education. They will make the most of the opportunities that they are offered and they will set new goals that will challenge them. I hope that they will be motivated in the classroom and in all aspects of the school. This is what will allow them to achieve their goals.  Education is a team effort and the staff at Foremost School, together with the parents and the students themselves, will work together to make this another great year.

There are some four letter words that are not allowed at school, but one four letter word is the cornerstone of Foremost School. That word is "Help"!  Four letters that mean so much. You must help yourselves so that ultimately you can help others. Each student, in their own way, will need to help. They will need to help your family. They will need to help the environment. They will need to make sense of the world when sense and reason go missing. They will need to help solve problems through innovation and invention. And, they will need to help turn indifference into motivated, helpful action.

We can all use some help in our lives and it is this helping others that will define who we are in life.

This is something to think about as the year at Foremost School commences! Let's continue to work together to help each other to be our best in ourselves!

Have a great year.