We Ran Like Terry

This year marks the 36th year of holding Terry Fox Runs in Canada. For those of us who were around at the time, it hardly seems possible. I guess time moves on.

At Foremost School like most schools in PRRD we have an annual Terry Fox Run to raise money for cancer research. Over the years our school has had very successful fundraising campaigns. I expect this year to be no different.

We held our run on Wednesday September 28th. The weather was beautiful and everyone seem to really enjoy the afternoon outside in the sunshine. For those who wished to challenge themselves the run could provide challenges and for those who wished to take it a little easier they found this as well.

Sometimes we wonder if the money that is raised by charities actually makes it into the hands of the intended people, in a conversation with Terry’s brother Darrell I can tell you in this case it does. Darrell said that if Terry were to be diagnosed today with his cancer he would not lose his leg and it would never have a chance to move to his lungs and he would be a cancer survivor.

One of the things that Terry wanted to leave behind for us was hope. He often talked about never losing hope that a cure will be found and never give up. He was a fighter to the end and a great example for all of us in all of our challenges. This is why he was chosen as the greatest Canadian of all times.

With the campaign wrapped up for this year, we look forward to The Terry Fox Run 2017.