The Grade 5 and 6 Class Went to War

Everyone Is A Winner With Cupcake Wars.Everyone Is A Winner With Cupcake Wars.

This is the time of year that we start to think about those who went to war and fought for our country. I think we can all agree that wars are horrible events in history, but not in the Grade 5 and 6 class at Foremost School.

On Friday October 28th Mrs. Harty’s students went to war. They were not shooting at each other or hurting anyone in anyway, they held a Cupcake War.

This was an event that involved planning, research and follow through on baking and decorating cupcakes to challenge other classmates. Inspired by food reality shows the students grabbed onto this idea and ran with it.

The cupcakes were evaluated by two community members and one staff member. The bakers were judged on their design/decorating, their display and oral presentation as well as the taste of their cupcakes.

After long deliberation the judges were able to choose a winning group. The Bake Robbers Bakery now holds the title of Cupcake Wars Champion of 2016 and the golden coloured wooden spoon with their name on it is now on display in the Foremost School Home Ec. kitchen.

The skills and experiences the students acquired through this exercise are impossible to evaluate. The smiles and pride when showing their parents their work was the real reward of the lesson. You could say that this was one sweet learning experience.