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Sigmund Was Here

Book cover photo taken from www.sigmundbrouwer.comBook cover photo taken from

Author Sigmund Brouwer came to Foremost School today to share his books and his excitment with the students from K-9.

"Sigmund Brouwer is the best- selling author of nearly thirty novels, with close to 4 million books in print. He has won the Christy Book of the Year and the Arthur Ellis award, as well as being nominated for two TD Children’s Literature Awards and the Red Maple Award. Sigmund splits his time between Nashville, Tennessee, and Red Deer, Alberta, with his wife and two daughters." 1

He used music and projected images to try to spark interest in all of our students to work at reading and writing. The first part of his presentation was to all of the K-9 students, but the second part was focused on only the Grade 5-9. He involved students in his presentation dragging them into his stories and his books.

Mr. Brouwer held the audience for over an hour listening to his tales. No small accomplishment with students of this age group.

The library contains many of Mr. Brouwer's books and we plan to order others that he presented today. If parents or students are interested in purchasing Sigmund Brouwer books we have a Book Fair coming up starting on November 17th.

Reading will take you places.


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