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Between the Crosses Row on Row

No Stone Left AloneNo Stone Left Alone

It is always a challenge to involve students in meaningful activities where Remembrance Day is concerned. This year at Foremost School a couple of Junior High Teachers found a way to reach their students and make Remembrance Day more tangible for them.

The idea was born from a TV news spot from Edmonton. A number of the public schools take part in a program that they call “No Stone Left Alone”. Elementary students place poppies on the graves of veterans so that those who served will be remembered.

 Mr. Diemert was impressed with the program and an ideas started to hatch. After consulting with Ms. Fourier they decided that their shared grade 7/8 class would benefit from this type of an experience.

Ms. Fourier had the students build construction paper poppy pinwheels in her Language Arts class. They then wrote words and phrases of remembrance on the pinwheels.

Mr. Diemert used his Social Studies class to share some history and images of the two World Wars and the mission in Afghanistan. This inspired a number of the students to ask some pretty important questions and this lead to great discussion.

In the morning of November 10th the entire school attended the Foremost School Remembrance Day Service lead by the grade 5/6 class. After lunch Mr. Diemert and Ms. Fourier walked with their students to the Foremost cemetery.

The students placed their poppy pinwheels on the graves of those who served. A number were buried in the area named, “The Field of Honour”, while others were buried in family plots. With Mr. Diemert’s Canadian Legion background and local knowledge the students did their best to find all the sites to place poppies.

A few students were able to locate the graves of family members and some had connections to the Canadian Forces. This was particularly meaningful and important for them.

We hope that this is a tradition that will continue in the future, because no stone should be left alone. We will remember them.