The Boys of Summer Are Back! |

The Boys of Summer Are Back!

The Boys Are BackThe Boys Are Back

Well it is that time of year again, baseball season. Some of us have waited all winter for this time to come. In some parks, the grass is green (not in Foremost yet). Overhead the sky is blue with a wisp of thin cloud. The shale is deep red raked as smooth as a table top and the lines snow white and straight as an arrow. All just waiting, anticipating, yearning for the roar of the crowds and the spectacle of the teams. This is opening week of the 2017 baseball season. Not only are the major and minor leagues are having their opening day, so are the Foremost Falcons.

The Falcons will take the field on Wednesday April 5th at 5:00pm. They will face the W.R. Myers Rebels (Taber) on diamond #3 in Foremost.

Foremost has a young team that is eager and chomping at the bit to play ball. We have a couple of seniors who will lead the way, but a few new players that are ready for their time wearing the purple and black.

If you are coming out to support the team be ready for the weather. This is not summer ball when you come to watch the game you have to dress in layers and be ready for rain, wind, sun, dust and even snow. This is spring ball in Canada. Anything can and has happened in the past.

Come on out to the ball game.