Science Fair & Genius Hour At Foremost School |

Science Fair & Genius Hour At Foremost School

Daina with her Genius Hour display on dog emotions.Daina with her Genius Hour display on dog emotions.

On March 13th, Foremost School grades five and six classes held their annual Genius Hour Day.

Genius Hour is a research project that allows the students to research and become experts on a topic of interest. They then build a presentation board to help them share their information with others.

There were presentations on just about every topic imaginable. The “Geniuses” set up their boards on tables in the small gym and hosted most of our students and staff as well as community members and parents.

Genius is a part of their science program and teaches the basics of doing research and evaluating sources on the internet.

In the afternoon it was the grade seven through nine’s turn to take the room and compete in Foremost School’s annual Science Fair.

This takes Genius Hour to a higher level. The students design a scientific experiment and test their hypothesis. They are required to run a number of trial and collect and display the data. They follow the scientific method  and share their results on a display board for not only visitors, but for judges.

They are adjudicated on set criteria and compete against their classmates. The winners will be announced on Monday March 19th. They have the option of taking their experiments and displays to the Medicine Hat Science Fair to compete against others in their age group.

Check out the pictures in the photos section of this web page.

Great job to all that displayed and those who helped guide them to the finish line.